Surströmming Challenge

On Saturday 25th September at 7pm Ash Ornatowski will eat a full tin of the worlds smelliest fish with all funds supporting research to help save babies lives.

Luke David Banbury’s 2nd Birthday

Celebrating the birthday of Luke David Banbury, 1 June 2020


We are fundraising in our darling son Luke’s memory. 1st June 2020 would be his 2nd birthday and we can’t think of a better destination for whatever you might have spent on a card or present than this fund set up in the name of the beautiful Kallipateira, another much-loved child, unable to join her parents as they had hoped and dreamed.

We are so grateful for anything you are able to donate to this incredible charity ♥️.

Dave Goes Dry for Lockdown 2

My drinking buddy and partner in crime (AKA The Husband) Dave has gone dry for lockdown 2. He has decided to go public and, in doing so, try to raise some money to support our friends’ charity. Those of you that know him will realise that this is going to be quite a challenge for him so please consider sponsoring him to keep him going.
I on the other hand am supporting him by adding to his challenge by continuing to drink wine and the occasional G&T throughout (someone has to help keep the wine and spirits businesses going!
🙂 ) xxx

Martin Moorhouse Beard and Head Shave 

A huge thank you to Ben’s dad, Martin Moorhouse who has done something very personal in memory of his granddaughter Kallipateira and to help save babies lives.