Supporting Parents 

 When we found out that our daughter Kallipateira had died we were provided some leaflets on the support available and were visited by a bereavement midwife. Family and friends supported us the best they could but the reality was and still is nobody would ever understand how we were feeling. Every individual grieves in their own way.

The kind of people we are if we would have attended a support group we would have ended up looking to help others first . So we decided to simply help and support each other.

As Dad Ben found that the support offered was limited compared to Gaynor and people would treat him very differently. People expected Ben to be ” strong ” . What is this ” strong ” people talk about?

It is now 2023 and our pain and devastation continues day after day. Not a day goes by where we don’t cry . In our experience you find as the weeks , months and years pass , less and less people ask if you are ok .

We know how it was not to have the support available that we truly needed . Someone to talk to who had a little understanding.

Through our journey and our promise to Kallipateira we will support others parents who simply need someone to talk to or someone who will listen.

The Kallipateira Moorhouse Foundation and Ben especially would like to be there for Dads who need to talk and get the opportunity to meet other Dads.

Should you require support or just someone to talk to please contact us by email in the first instance at