Rhodes Extreme Challenge Walk 2021


In August 2018 Ben was the first person to walk around the full island of Rhodes in Greece . This was 150 miles and at the half way point of Prasonisi we stayed in an apartment for a 13 hour sleep and rest before setting off again up the East Coast. Arriving at the half way point I was physically and mentally exhausted in every way possible.

On August 14th, 2021 Trustee Ben Moorhouse will be looking to break all records and go above and beyond he has done before by walking the full island in one go with no sleep or rest! 150 miles none stop at the hottest and most humid time of the summer. The distance is the equivalent of SIX full marathons in 48 hours or less.

The dangers involved are beyond extreme and Ben is prepared to risk everything in honour of his daughter Kallipateira.

Starting at Mandraki  Harbour Ben will walk the West Coast first down to Prasonisi the most southern tip of the island and then back up the East coast towards Mandraki Harbour. 

This will be a huge test of endurance, mental strength, and character and he will have to push all possible limits and boundaries to complete this extreme challenge walk.

Bens support team of Jason ( driver ) and Gaynor will also have no sleep for the full extreme challenge walk and this will be a huge challenge for them too to do this.

The Rhodes Extreme Challenge Walk 2021 is officially sponsored by AB Sundecks and we thank them for their world class support!

On May 23rd 2020 this year we gave birth to our rainbow baby Apollon Alexandros Moorhouse who was born early at 35 weeks at St Marys Hospital in Manchester. After the death of Kallipateira we knew that to give her a brother or sister with a better outcome we must be cared for by the best in the UK, Professor Alexander Heazell of The Tommy’s Rainbow Clinic and research Centre in Manchester. Through the world class care and research, they undertake and put into practice, we are proud to say Apollon is a real-life miracle. If it were not for Professor Heazell he would not be here.

Professor Heazell and his teams are the main beneficiary of The Kallipateira Moorhouse Foundation and through our support we will help to save babies lives.

All funds raised for Bens Rhodes Extreme Challenge Walk 2021 will go to Professor Heazell and his teams.

We ask everyone to please support and sponsor what you can and by doing this you will be making a huge difference for Professor Heazell and his teams and helping to save babies lives.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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