Cuddlecot & Shnuggle Moses Bassinet Donated to Calderdale Royal Hospital

We are proud to let everyone know that yesterday evening we donated a high quality Cuddlecot & Shnuggle Moses Bassinet from Flexmort to the maternity team at Calderdale Royal Hospital.
This is used to keep the babies that have died at the correct temperature so parents can spend precious moments with them.
This equipment will make a huge difference for both parents and the maternity team.
Our new bereavement suite project is ongoing and we will bring you updates when possible.
This equipment has been funded by some of the money that was raised for the new suite and this was always going to be apart of what we provide.
Thank you to everyone who supported the cause and donated before we became a charity.
Featured in the photo is Sarah , Gaynor , Apollon , Ben , Rachael and Jenny.

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