Ben to Launch 2023 Extreme Challenge on November 26th

Ben will be announcing his 2023 Extreme Challenge on Saturday November 26th at 8pm live on Facebook.

Trustee of The Kallipateira Moorhouse Foundation Gaynor Thompson said ” The month of October is always our most difficult month of the year with Kallipateira’s Birthday and with dates that we will never forget.

With the death of Bens Dad Martin just days before Kallipateira’s 4th Birthday and my mum Jennifer passing away within the space of a week its been a very difficult time. They would both want Ben to continue with the launch of his 2023 extreme challenge and will be so proud of him. Please everyone support Ben on the night as to launch during a very difficult time after his dads death will be difficult.

Next year will see Ben well and truly go above and beyond anything seen before . What Ben has achieved already is incredible and next year is a huge risk but this is something Ben wants to attempt”.

Headline Sponsorship Opportunity 

Ben is seeking an official headline sponsor for his 2023 Extreme Challenge.

This is a huge opportunity for an organisation to be in the spotlight with some fantastic publicity involved.

For more details please email Ben at


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