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As 2022 comes to an end Kallipateira’s Dad and charity Trustee Ben Moorhouse is fully focused on the colossal Extreme Challenge that is coming his way.

As Big Ben strikes Midnight to welcome 2023 , Bens immediate focus will be on his July 15th, 206 mile nonstop Extreme Challenge Walk from Edinburgh Castle to Saint Mary’s Hospital in Manchester that is officially sponsored by

Ben will walk day and night for over 2 days with no sleep from the Scottish Capital of Edinburgh to Saint Mary’s Hospital in Manchester , which is the home of The Tommy’s Rainbow Clinic and Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre where all the funds raised will go directly to support research and help save babies lives.  Ben will be joined in 2023 by his support team of Gaynor Thompson, Jason Croft and Adam Todd.

Recently we asked for any questions that supporters may have for Ben about his incredible 206 mile nonstop Extreme Challenge and tonight Ben answers some of these questions.

Ben Moorhouse Questions – Edinburgh to Manchester Extreme Challenge Walk 2023

Q: What made you even think about wanting to walk more than 200 mile with no sleep? 

A: As a grieving dad I need to have this as part of my life to help me channel my pain into something that I can focus on. I made a promise to Kallipateira that I would do her proud and everything I do is for the love my our daughter. In reality the human body is not meant to do what I do. Nobody can go with no sleep never mind for days and walking 206 mile so this is going to be a huge mental and physical challenge . Professor Heazell and the team in Manchester are saving babies lives through their work and research but they need funds to do this. While I am alive , fit and healthy If I can help them to continue to do this I will. Life is short- do what you can , when you can . Nobody knows what is around the corner.  I have completed 180 miles so the next question was can we break the 200 mile barrier nonstop?

Q: What training will you do for your extreme walk?

A: I have been doing Extreme Challenges since 2015 and year after year ( not 2020 due to Covid) they have been getting bigger and bigger  and pushing all limits. It does not matter how many miles I cover in training or how many hours I do in the gym – it all comes down to the why. A point will come during the Extreme Challenge Walk where I will want to drop to the floor through physical exhaustion and even sleep deprivation but the biggest motivation to keep going is why you are doing it.  Once January 1st arrives I will be on a very strict nutritional plan with no alcohol. I have put back on 2.5 stone since July with recovery from the London to Manchester Challenge and letting my hair down. After going without for so long enjoying a curry or pizza is a must! Recent family bereavements do not help but come January 1st I will be ready to start again. To blow away the cobwebs in early January I will hit the ground running with hill training in Halifax , evening circuits, cardio at Pure Gym and my big training will be on a weekend. Due to the size of the challenge that awaits I am going to push it harder from the off and the training I normally start in March I will be brining this forward  by two months. Liam Kearns ( ) will be looking after me for the second year running with my sports massage to make sure I am ready for Edinburgh .

Q:What is the hardest part of the challenge?

A: Sleep deprivation is the biggest mental challenge during the walk. We all know how it feels after a bad nights sleep- imagine having no sleep for nearly 3 days. A point comes every year during the challenge where my body goes into shock and I will be sick and illness kicks in- but then I pull myself around. Thankfully Gaynor, Jason and Adam know all about this so they know what to expect. It is one hell of a challenge for them too but as a team we look after each other.

The biggest Challenge I sadly face each year is not reaching my target and raising the money because of the subject of stillbirth.

Stillbirth and baby death is the worlds biggest phobia and this includes the media too. I am just a normal bereaved dad from Halifax taking on the biggest inhumane extreme challenge of 2023. I ask everyone to please help me at least reach my target in 2023 not only for Professor Heazell and the team but to give me the biggest smile when I hopefully get to the finish line in Manchester. This is not just a 3 day event for me. This is month after month of sacrifice and dedication of the highest level. Please help me make sure in 2023 I reach target. If you post about my walk make sure you copy in and tag all the media!

Q: We cant imagine how it feels to lose a baby. When you start in Edinburgh what will be the first thing you will think about?

A: I will be thinking about Kallipateira and all of our loved ones who have passed away over the years and more recently. After my Dads recent death it will be very emotional but the team will be there for me in every way possible. As a team we will start by walking together down the Royal Mile and this is something that will bring some tears.

Q: When you say this is nonstop does this mean that you will have to go to the toilet as you are walking? 

A: Nonstop means there will be no luxury over night stays in hotels with sleep in a comfy bed and a shower.

I will of course stop for toilet needs and for food/ drink with my team.

Q: Was Rhodes more difficult ?

A: Rhodes will always be epic because of the different heat and humidity but this walk is 56 miles more! Rhodes was Rhodes but this is Edinburgh to Manchester and is unique in its own right.

Q: Are you hoping for cooler weather this time around? How did you walk all that way in this years heatwave?!

A: When it comes to the weather my prayers are always answered. I am hoping for weather like this years heatwave! But as long it is dry we will all be happy. If it goes the other way it is what is it and whatever comes our way as a team we will take it on.

How to support Ben and help him reach his £10,000 target

To support Ben with all funds raised supporting research to help save babies lives please visit

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