Kallipateira Rodothea Moorhouse 5th Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday Kallipateira 

On Thursday 26th October we celebrated Kallipateira’s 5th Birthday.  The month of October is our most difficult time of the year with dates that bring further devastation and pain.  Kallipateira exists and as a family we will always acknowledge her birthday.

We celebrated Kallipateira’s 5th birthday with a wonderful performance by MauColi and Katherine Jenkins wished Kallipateira a Happy Birthday.  Kallipateira was born at 5:05pm and on Thursday evening at exactly this time we were given a sign from Kallipateira with a wonderful sunset and a break in the clouds.

5:05pm Sunset – October 26th 2023 -Albert Promenade – Halifax

Kallipateira 5th Birthday Cake 

MauColi- She’s like the wind 

Katherine Jenkins wishes Kallipateira a Happy 5th Birthday 

Happy 5th Birthday Kallipateira! 

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