Important Charity Statement

Important Charity Statement – 28/12/2023

The end of 2023 is only days away and as a small charity we can say as trustees we continue to do our very best to achieve what we set out to do for our daughters legacy- to help save other babies lives and to support other parents who have experienced the death of a baby.

We both work full time on top of running the charity – this is well over 30 hours a week at the moment.

Unlike the big charities we are not in the privileged position or have the luxury of money coming in everyday .

Our main source of funds to help save babies lives comes from Bens Extreme Challenges and as many of you will see he has achieved the ” impossible ” time and time again but does not reach his target. For Ben and our family this is not just the time you see during the events but months of sacrifice.  Because Ben is not well known enough and is just the normal dad,  it will always be a struggle for publicity. This with the subject of stillbirth ,we will always be facing an uphill battle.

In 2024 Ben is taking on two extreme events – one in July when he will walk 110 miles nonstop from Halifax to Blackpool to Saint Marys Hospital in Manchester. Then in August he will take on the famous Tsambika Monastery mountain in Rhodes – 100 times in one day at the height of summer. This at the start of our family holiday!

Ben may have done bigger distances before – but the July event is NOT  going to be easy . This will be a physical and mentally demanding  extreme challenge.

Our annual raffles run by Gaynor are paid for from her own pocket and bring in some extra funds through the year and we thank everyone who joins in.

Ben was originally going to take a step back in 2024 from extreme events for his mental and physical health with Gaynor doing the July event over a few days but after Gaynor broke her ankle in Rhodes on the final day of our holiday and with months of recovery ahead what choice do we have but for Ben to put his trainers back on.

By putting his trainers back on in 2024 this will make sure we can continue.

2024 – We need your support more than ever

We would like to take this opportunity to ask everyone to please :

: Help Ben reach his £10,000 target in 2024 for his two events 

: Please consider supporting us with your own fundraiser in 2024 

Please consider your next fundraising activity to be for The Kallipateira Moorhouse Foundation where EVERY  penny and pound that comes in goes back out to why we do what we do.

You do not have to go to the same extreme as Ben does and can be something as simple as a coffee morning or a jumble sale!

: If you cannot do your own fundraiser and want to make a real difference in 2024 why not set up a regular payment for our charity ?

: Can your business/ organisation/ employer support us in 2024? 

We have both shared this statement in the hope that you can please help us in 2024.

Please do contact us if you have any questions

Thank you for your time and we wish everyone the very best for the New Year.

Ben Moorhouse and Gaynor Thompson


To support Ben in 2024 please donate at

To set up your own fundraising page or a monthly payment please visit












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