In October 2018 Ben and Gaynor’s daughter Kallipateira was stillborn at 38 weeks of pregnancy in Calderdale and then the Halifax couple experienced a miscarriage in May 2019 at 9 weeks of pregnancy. Kallipateira’s death was fully preventable.

Ben and Gaynor launched their own charity The Kallipateira Moorhouse Foundation to help save babies lives through research and support other parents who have experienced the death of a baby.

Following the stillbirth of their daughter and miscarriage they knew if they wanted to have the best chance of another child with a better outcome, they must be cared for by Professor Alexander Heazell of the Tommy’s rainbow clinic and the Maternal and Fetal Health research Centre in Manchester.

On May 23rd, 2020, Ben and partner Gaynor Thompson gave birth to their Rainbow baby boy Apollon in Manchester.

Apollon survived due to the love and specialist care from Professor Heazell and his team and he turns four years old in May

To help save babies’ lives nationally in the UK Professor Heazell and his team are now the main beneficiary of The Kallipateira Moorhouse Foundation.

This week Ben Moorhouse and Gaynor Thompson have presented Professor Alexander Heazell with a cheque for £8,500 for the Manchester Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre located at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Manchester.

This is the fourth donation from the charity, and this is a now a total of £33,500 that has been donated to the Maternal and Fetal Health research team in Manchester.

Trustee Ben Moorhouse says ” We are proud to be able to present Alex and his team with a further donation of £8,500. Because of Alex and his team our son Apollon survived, and this further donation will make his big sister so happy! Most of this funding came from my 206-mile Edinburgh to Manchester Extreme Challenge Walk last July, so presenting this cheque today made the sweat, blood and tears worthwhile once again. As a small charity we may not raise millions, but we are helping to make such a big difference for so many families.”

Professor Heazell said “I and my colleagues at the Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre are so grateful for Ben and Gaynor’s continued support. Their funds have enabled us to carry out studies of partner’s experiences and needs in pregnancy after loss, based in the Rainbow Clinic. Without support from parents like Ben and Gaynor we could not undertake our research which aims to reduce the number of babies who are stillborn and improve care.”

On July 13th Ben will walk 110 miles nonstop from Wainhouse Tower in Halifax to Blackpool then onto to Saint Marys Hospital in Manchester. On August 17th he will then take on the 300 steps of Tsambika Monastery in Rhodes Greece at the height of summer– a total of 100 times in one day with all funds raised going to Professor Alex Heazell and his team. Ben is looking to raise £10,000 and is currently in training for his next extreme challenges.

To support Ben with a donation for his next extreme challenges please visit



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