4th Year Birthday As A Registered Charity- An Important Message

The Kallipateira Moorhouse Foundation – 4th Year As a Registered Charity Birthday 

This week on May 16th we celebrated our 4th year as a registered charity.

In four years we have raised thousands for research and to help save babies lives,  supporting the Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre in Manchester.  We continue to raise awareness of Stillbirth through our daughters name.

As we go into our 5th year we have now come to a point where we may have some big decisions to make. Our charity does not take a penny from the monies raised with EVERY penny and pound that comes in going back out to why we do what we do.

As a small charity we have no financial support and in two years have not had 1 other person do any fundraising for us.

As trustees but more importantly as Kallipateira’s parents we do our very best to keep funds coming in . Our yearly raffles keep us ticking over.

Ben is putting his trainers back on this year to ensure our charity can continue . Not only is he doing the July event but decided to take on the dangerous August event in Rhodes at the start of our own family holiday which is again a huge sacrifice. With 8 weeks to go he has raised £1413 of a £10,000 target. Ben does what he does to help channel his grief and for Kallipateira but the constant concern and worry over the donations and not reaching target does impact his mental wellbeing.

If our charity had some support from others over the year who would do their own fundraising this would take away a huge amount of pressure especially on Ben.

This year we have further raffles planned which are paid from our own pocket , Ben’s extreme challenges are planned for July August and Baby Loss Awareness Week is coming up again in October.

On this 4th Birthday week we ask our supporters,  friends and families to please support us going forwards with your own future fundraising or by donating/sponsoring Ben- we are now in a position where Facebook likes are not enough. People can also set up a weekly or monthly payment direct to the charity.

Please support Ben to reach his £10,000 target for his TWO extreme challenges at


If you are considering doing your own fundraising please do it for The Kallipateira Moorhouse Foundation where EVERY POUND AND PENNY goes back out to save babies lives.

For more information please visit


Thank you

Best wishes

Ben Moorhouse and Gaynor Thompson



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