An Important Message from Ben Moorhouse- Two Week Countdown

A Message from Trustee , Extreme Challenger and Dad of Kallipateira and Apollon

Today marks the start of my two week countdown to July 13th when I will once again put my trainers on and walk a very long way in honour of Kallipateira, to raise funds for Alex Heazell and the team and to ensure our little charity can continue for the foreseeable.

On July 13th I will walk 110 mile nonstop from Halifax ( Wainhouse Tower) to Blackpool then to Saint Mary’s Hospital in Manchester. Gaynor will be my only support person in the vehicle this year kindly sponsored by Bristol Street Motors in Sheffield and I am over the moon that Alex Heazell will join me for the final 31 miles from Preston to Saint Mary’s. When you have had no sleep and are facing hurdles to have Alex join me makes a huge difference.

Just four weeks later on August 17th at the start of our family holiday I will take on the the very dangerous extreme challenge of taking on Tsambika Monastery in Rhodes 100 times in one day at the height of summer. I made history in Rhodes by walking around the full island nonstop in 2021 and now this will be a new historic chapter.

Myself and Gaynor did a full drive of the July route and believe you me this is a very long way. People may think about the distances I have done before but this is going to be tough going in its own right. If this was easy why are people not doing this every week? Last year I had some bad injuries and I’ve had to recover from these to put myself in a positive position in 2024. Right now I am fully focused on my July event and no further. I will only start to think about Rhodes once July has hopefully been completed.

Since January 1st I have had to once again live and breath everything I do for these two extreme challenges.  Most of you only get to see the events and not what goes on  every single day , month after month.

Small sacrifices include not having a single alcoholic drink since New Years Eve.

The biggest sacrifice is only seeing Apollon for a very limited time during the week due to the training commitments involved around work and on a weekend.

I am probably talking to a brick wall with this message but I hope there will be a few of you who will read this and help me with my quest in 2024.

I knew from the off that there would be a struggle for support to raise my £10,000 target .

Who wants to hear about dead babies? 99.99% of the media do not respond to my requests for support as I am just one of many charity emails they receive every single week. It is sad to think that if something tragic happened to me on one of the events , you know for a fact they would then cover my story. With very limited publicity what chance do I have.  I have asked over 100 businesses in Blackpool to simply put up my poster – but have not received a single reply.

I have currently raised £2022 of my £10,000 target with two weeks until the first extreme challenge.

In previous years I have made myself ill from the worry and feeling under immense pressure with regards to my target.  It does upset me to think what goes into doing these extreme challenges but I can hand on heart say with everything I have done I have done my very best.

With two weeks to go I ask again for your support to help me raise as much as possible for Alex and the team.

If you would not normally donate – do you know that you can donate a minimum of £2 on my JustGiving page? A simple share of my page on social media can make a difference too.

I ask my supporters to please do everything you can to help me – please keep sharing my posts and on the day of the events share everything far and wide.

Some of you will never had the experience of holding a dead baby , whether this be your own child or even a grandchild.

The sound of silence when they are born.

Their eyes closed.

Children are the most precious gift in the world. The next time you see your child or grandchild , if they are young or an adult – give them a hug . Life and love is everything.

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Thank you

Best Wishes

Ben Moorhouse










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