Bereaved Dad walking 180 miles makes public plea

Statement from Ben Moorhouse
Trustee of The Kallipateira Moorhouse Foundation
In just five weeks’ time on July 16th, I will be facing my next brutal extreme challenge when I will attempt to walk the 180 miles from London to Manchester.  Unlike other people who have done this over a week or more with stops at hotels in nice comfy beds or B&Bs along the way I will do this in one go – nonstop and with no sleep for over two days and two nights.
You may ask why I want to do this nonstop.
A challenge is not a challenge unless its challenging. By letting people see me go through another inhumane extreme challenge I hope this will encourage people to support me with donations for the important cause of helping to save babies lives. 
I want to face a challenge that brings me physical and mental pain to bring out the best in me but to also do my daughter Kallipateira proud.
Since January I have once again committed my life to this extreme challenge having to live and breathe it each and every day to be ready. Having to prepare for this extreme challenge walk whilst running a charity and working full time is not easy going.
Since January I have been building up my preparations putting my body and mind through the ringer. In the winter months when the snow was falling and conditions were freezing, while most people were inside with the heating on, I was high up in the hills like in a scene from Rocky 4.
After my extreme challenge walk in Rhodes last summer, I let my hair down through recovery and quickly put the weight back on as I was eating what I wanted and not training. My feet were in a bad way so I had to recover fully. I quickly went back up to 15 stone.
This year with training and daily commitment I am now back to 13 stone . My ideal weight for the extreme challenge is 12.5 stone so with five weeks to go I should make this.
The main reason for this statement is with just five weeks to go I find myself at just £1,335 of a £10,000 target.
EVERY single penny and pound raised goes direct to Professor Heazell and his team in Manchester at The Tommys rainbow clinic and research centre. The research they undertake benefits everyone on a national level and beyond. Any maternity unit in the UK benefits from vital research they undertake to help save babies lives – this could benefit your family without even knowing it.
1 in every 225 pregnancies ends in a stillbirth in the UK. That’s 7 babies every day.
Most of these deaths are fully preventable.
These are beautiful healthy babies who should be alive.
The constant daily worry of only raising a couple of grand is having quite an impact on myself mentally. To be able to focus on my training and preparation without this worry would be a huge weight off my shoulders.
As I’ve said recently in an interview, I am not a celebrity and I will not get the publicity opportunities like some very lucky people do in privileged positions. I do not have a team doing all my marketing and publicity for me. 
I do it all myself. 
I am a bereaved dad from Halifax who watched his fully developed beautiful baby girl born dead at 37 weeks of pregnancy during a 16 hour natural labour.
No crying . No movement.  Eyes permanently closed. A healthy baby girl who should be alive.
I held Kallipateira in my arms making her the promise to do her proud.
With just five weeks to go I make a plea for everyone to please help me reach the £10,000 target to help save babies lives.
Please share my details on social media.
Please ask your family and friends to donate and support.
The minimum donation you can make on Justgiving is £2 .
If I have to start my 180-mile extreme challenge walk with the money raised at a lower level it will be absolutely soul destroying.  Can you imagine walking 180 mile with over 2 days and 2 nights of no sleep with this constant worry? Please help me not be in this position.
My love for Kallipateira and the team in Manchester will be my motivation to keep going.
If I don’t raise this target, I may have a difficult decision to make if this will be my final extreme challenge for the simple reason of looking after my mental health.
It would be a sad day if so as this is what I am good at and what I do to keep me going in life.
Please make your donation on the link below and remember to share to everyone.
Thank You .
Ben Moorhouse

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